Chrono Trigger's Steam version gets another patch that reworks the battle UI

Chrono Trigger‘s debut on Steam in February may have had some less-than-desired changes, but over time Square Enix has been updating the game to better reflect the original title rather than its mobile release. Today arrives the second major update to the game, which tweaks the battle interface to look more like the Super Nintendo and Nintendo DS versions of the game. Auto-battle and mouse support are still intact here, though not immediately visible in combat.

We’ve been chronicling Chrono Trigger’s updates in video form. You can compare how the game has changed over time. Square Enix is still planning on continued updates to the game, with the next scheduled to arrive in June with UI tweaks outside battle.

Here are the full patch notes from the Chrono Trigger page on Steam:

A new battle user interface (UI) has been added based on the look and feel of the original CHRONO TRIGGER.
An option has been added to select between the UI optimised for controller/keyboard mentioned above, and the current UI optimised for mouse & touch panels. This option appears in “settings” in the main menu.
The game can now be paused during battle by using the pause button on controller, or the Space bar on the keyboard.
Adjusted the look of playable characters on the world map to be more in-line with the original version of CHRONO TRIGGER.
The resolution of animated cut-scenes has been improved.
The display area of animated cut-scenes has been increased.
Fixed instances where the game slowed down during certain scenes.
The Korean font has been updated.
Other small bugs are fixed.

Patch Update #2 — May 16

Patch Update #1 — April 10

Launch Version — February 27

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