Dissidia Final Fantasy anniversary stream reveals Yuna season pass character, new stage, and free version

Square Enix held a special third anniversary stream for Dissidia Final Fantasy — three years have passed since the Arcade version of the game launched in Japan. During that stream, the team revealed the next character available through purchase of the season pass: Yuna from Final Fantasy X.

In the video below, Yuna’s gameplay style has changed a bit – casting spells directly and using one summon exclusively. With Valefor’s help, Yuna can counterattack even while she is being hit. A new stage was revealed called Final Battlefield, which is a unique to Dissidia Final Fantasy.

Yuna and the new stage will be available in the Arcade version on November 15th, and the console version in December. The update will also include new music arrangements to collect in-game.

Square Enix also announced a “Free Edition” of Dissidia Final Fantasy that will include a rotating roster of characters to play. You’ll be able to challenge other players who use the free client as well as the premium console client, but there won’t be a story mode. Through micro-transactions, you’ll be able to unlock specific characters to use any time as well as purchase alternate weapons and costumes. Should you decide to upgrade to the premium version, you cam migrate your save data too.

The free version of Dissidia Final Fantasy NT will release in Japan on November 22nd.

5th Season Pass Character: Yuna

New Stage: Final Battlefield

New BGM Arrangements

Dissidia Final Fantasy NT: Free Edition

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