Squall Leonhart arrives in Mobius Final Fantasy for new crossover event in Japan

Final Fantasy VIII is coming to Mobius Final Fantasy this December in Japan, allowing fans the chance to summon main protagonist Squall Leonhart as an Ultimate Hero among other special features and unlockables. Producer Yoshinori Kitase, Project Leader Takeshi Shirakami and their MC, Sanshi, went into detail about the upcoming collaboration during a livestream event on the official Square Enix youtube channel for Japan.

Part One of the collaboration will begin December 7th at 4:00pm Japan Time and will run until February 2019. There will be a concept of “Time Compression” and the main storyline for MobiusFF will be on hold until March.

Japan players will be able to unlock two Ultimate Heroes during this time period, alongside a multitude of other goodies:

  • Draw System. During combat, players will be able to steal an enemy’s ability, creating a set number of times that the ability can be used during combat. It will not be carried over to the next battle you enter.
  • Ultimate Hero – Squall Leonhart, which features his original design from Final Fantasy VIII, will be available on November 30th, 2018. It is a warrior type job, and comes with the Lion Heart weapon.
  • Ultimate Hero – Squall, will be available on December 7th, which features his outfit from the Dissidia Final Fantasy series, and can be unlocked for free by participating in the event. The weapon that accompanies this outfit is his signature Revolver.
  • Seifer Legend Job for Graff. This job will be available on November 30th and will feature a new ability that, when at 30% HP or less, will charge his up ultimate ability quicker.
  • Rinoa skin for Echo. Unlocked for free by logging on November 30th.
  • Revolver Weapon. Unlocked for free by logging on between December 7th and December 31st, 2018.
  • New multiplayer raid featuring Squall himself as the boss, with 3, 4 and 5-star rating difficulties. Apparently, it will take 100,000 kills to obtain all the rewards from this campaign.
  • Welcome Back and Login Campaigns will be made available throughout.

Thank you to Reddit poster mao_shiro and youtuber Kentaro Oka for the translations.

Mobius Final Fantasy is available now for free on Steam, iOS and Android devices.

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