Dissidia Final Fantasy NT Yuna DLC is now available

Square Enix has revealed that the Yuna character DLC for Dissidia Final Fantasy NT is available now in the Season Pass and as a standalone purchase on the PlayStation Store. She is the fifth DLC character in the Season Pass.

Yuna first appeared in Final Fantasy X as a devoted and powerful summoner. In Dissidia Final Fantasy NT, she will utilize a wide array of magical abilities, including summoning her first Aeon and trusty companion, Valefor, to aid her in battle. Depending on Yuna’s status in a fight, Valefor will either attack or defend.

Additionally, the Final Battlefield map is also available to play in both offline and online modes for all players starting today. Here is the map’s description from Square Enix: “Created by the two gods who govern the world of Dissidia Final Fantasy NT, this isolated space is the arena for the clash against their true enemy.”

And lastly, a new set of background music tracks have been included, and fans can now listen to the original and arranged versions of famous themes that have appeared throughout the Final Fantasy series. You can check out the video below for a preview of the songs.

The tracklist:

  • Dungeon – Final Fantasy II
  • Main Theme – Final Fantasy V
  • Terra’s Theme – Final Fantasy VI
  • The Landing – Final Fantasy VIII
  • Assault – Final Fantasy X
  • Upheaval (Imperial Version) – Final Fantasy XII
  • Invidia – Final Fantasy XV
  • A Chapel – Final Fantasy Tactics
  • War: That Which Stands in the Way – Final Fantasy Type0

Dissidia Final Fantasy NT is available now for PlayStation 4.

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