Final Fantasy XV x Final Fantasy XIV collaboration quest available now; check out the launch trailer

The collaboration sidequest between Final Fantasy XV and Final Fantasy XIV is available now to download via the game’s latest patch update, and Square Enix has released its launch trailer to commemorate the moment.

The company announced the collaboration with Final Fantasy XIV back in November during the game’s special 20th-anniversary livestream event.

View the trailer below:

The quest, titled “Adventurer from Another World”, involves Noctis and crew embarking on a journey with a Miqo’te named Y’jhimei to face the threat of the primal Garuda. She will appear as a special boss and defeating her will reward you the starting outfits for the various races of Eorzea — Noctis (Miqo’te), Gladiolus (Roegadyn), Ignis (Elezen), and Prompto (Hyur).

Final Fantasy XV is available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

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