Final Fantasy XIV 4.55 arrives Tuesday with Eureka and Rival Wings additions

Final Fantasy XIV Patch 4.55 arrives Tuesday, February 12th, and brings with it the continuation of the Forbidden Land Eureka series via the Hydatos Expedition and a new Rival Wings map called Hidden Gorge.

In the Letter from the Producer Live #49 broadcast from the Paris Fan Festival, the team highlighted details for the roadmap of patches to come before the Shadowbringers expansion on July 2nd.

Hidden Gorge

The basic rules are similar to those used in the existing PvP content Astragalos: two teams vie to destroy the other’s “core,” using machina powered with ceruleum tanks gathered from around the field. Hidden Gorge, howevever, introduces several mechanics unique to this map.

“Gobtrains” will periouically speed along the area’s extensive railways system. Those hit by the trains will suffer both severe damage and knockback. Teams that seize control of train stations located near the center of Hidden Gorge can lay claim to cargo, which may include keys to powerful gobtanks, large quantities of ceruleum, and more. If you’re not paying attention the train can take your team by surprise.

Goblin mercernaries also roam Hidden Gorge, indiscriminately attacking players from both teams. Mercernaries will join the team that proves its mettle by dealing them the most damage.

Eureka Hydatos

The Eureka storyline reaches its finale in this, the fourth and final chapter. The elemental level cap will be raised to 60. Gear enhanced in Pyros can be further upgraded. All-new logograms and logos actions will be introduced.

The elemental theme of the area is water – but water flows in the opposite direction gravity pulls it. Water flows up cliff faces and so on. The large building in the background is the Baldesion arsenal.

This ultra high-end public instanced dungeon, located within Hydatos, can be challenged by as many as 56 adventurers at once. Access is restricted to those adventurers who fulfill several strict requirements such as witnessing the conclusion of the Eureka storyline. Inside, adventurers will encounter powerful bosses and deadly traps, all while suffering an enfeeblement that limits the use of certain resurrective magicks. To clear the dungeon adventurers will need wisdom, bravery, strength, perseverance, trust in their companions, and a whole lot of time…

Yoshida repeats: this is very, very difficult content with great risks if you fail. Only those ready for the challenge need apply.

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