Final Fantasy VII Remake gameplay reveals Party Menu UI, "Classic" battle mode, Squats mini-game and more

During the game’s presentation event at Tokyo Game Show 2019, Final Fantasy VII Remake producer Yoshinori Kitase took center stage to showcase new gameplay footage as well as show off a few of the features included in the remake.

UPDATE #1: Twitter account @finalfantasyvii has shared more details regarding the new gameplay footage shown in the presentation. We’ve updated the descriptions below to include the new tidbits.

Here’s what was shown:

Party Menu UI

Square Enix has revealed the Party Menu UI players will have access to while playing the game. The screenshots above show the main menu and the options menu (highlighting the different difficulty modes).

‘Classic’ Battle Mode

The ‘Classic’ difficulty mode will have all party members move around the environment, attack and guard automatically during battles. Players will only have to focus on inputting commands for spells, abilities and item use when the ATB gauge is filled—emulating the style of classic menu-based RPG combat.

Squats Mini-Game

Mini-games from the original title are being remade for Final Fantasy VII Remake including the squats mini-game where players must time their button presses to perform the squats correctly.

After a few squats, the UI on-screen slowly disappears. If players mess up a squat, Cloud will tumble and start over.

Aps Boss Battle

The sewer monster Aps, of course, appears as a boss for Final Fantasy VII Remake battling against Cloud, Tifa and Aerith.

In particular, we get a closer look at Aerith in action during this sequence. Her basic attacks are long-ranged, and hitting the Triangle button executes her unique “Tempest” ability. Aerith’s “Holy Circle” ability creates an area in the battlefield, and any spell used within the area is cast repeatedly.

Ifrit Summon

During the same boss battle, Cloud (sporting his Hardedge weapon) summons Ifrit to battle. Summons appear for a limited time on the battlefield based on the purple gauge on the right and will fight alongside you. Their actions and abilities can be managed in the command menu, such as ‘Flare Burst’ and ‘Crimson Dive’.

UPDATE #2: Below is the official upload of the presentation:

Final Fantasy VII Remake is set to release for PlayStation 4 on March 3, 2020. Check here to view our full coverage on the game so far.

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