Final Fantasy XV is available now on Google Stadia

Stadia, a cloud gaming service provided by Google, released today, and alongside it launched its own version of the action RPG title Final Fantasy XV. According to the official website, “not only does it support Vulkan on Luminous Engine” but it’s also “optimized for a streaming environment” to provide comfortable gameplay. You can check out the short launch trailer below.

The Stadia version of Final Fantasy XV will come with the base game and will include the eight downloadable content packs, a multitude of items and all the free updates that had been released on the console iterations of the game. Additionally, a new minigame mode titled “Crazy Challenge” was added, seemingly exclusive for the Stadia at this moment in time.

The full list of content available for this version of Final Fantasy XV include:

  • Final Fantasy XV base game (includes all content from Royal Edition) 
  • Royal Pack DLC
  • Episode Gladiolus
  • Episode Prompto
  • Episode Ignis
  • Episode Ardyn
  • Final Fantasy XV Multiplayer: Comrades (Matching will only be among Stadia users)
  • Booster Pack+
  • Holiday Pack+ (Does not include Carnival Passport)
  • Minigame collection “Crazy Challenge” (New feature for the Stadia version)

Launch Trailer


Final Fantasy XV is available now for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Stadia and Steam(PC).

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