Here's a bunch of new Final Fantasy VII Remake screenshots

We’re edging ever closer to the highly anticipated release of Final Fantasy VII Remake – and that means we’re slowly but surely getting to see more and more of the game. Yes, it’s real! It exists. It is a product that you will soon be able to buy. With money!

Needless to say, this is exciting – and today we’ve got a new batch of media from the game that’s just been released by Square Enix. The screenshots give us a glimpse at a lot of exciting new things, including…

  • The Weapon Equip and Upgrade menu for Cloud’s Buster Sword
  • Fresh screenshots of the Darts Mini Game that’ll be playable in the Midgar Slums
  • A first glimpse at Choco-Mog, which has been moved up from the Chocobo Farm to be available in the Midgar section of the game
  • Screens of some of Cloud’s abilities including the iconic Blade Burst that splits in three directions out towards enemies.
  • A look at the new Assess Materia and ability, which appears to replace Sense, revealing information and weaknesses of enemies
  • New environment screenshots of the Slums Church and Aerith’s home

On top of that, there’s a bunch of screenshots of battle and some new renders showing off Reno, Rude and the Choco/Mog summon. Check them all out below; Final Fantasy VII Remake releases in March next year – just a few months to go!

Weapon abilities

Each weapon has their own unique abilities that will increase in proficiency the more they are used. Once the ability reaches maximum proficiency, you then gain it as a permanent ability in your arsenal to use at with any weapon.
Here we see the Buster Sword upgrade screen. You have options to upgrade different nodes that will increase stats or even materia slots by spending SP.

Switching to Classic mode

For players who wish a more authentic Final Fantasy VII combat style, “Classic” can be selected from the difficulty menu. In Classic Mode, your party members including your controlled character will act autonomously to fill your ATB gauge. Once filled, you are then in charge of choosing your method of attack via Abilities, Magic or Items. This allows you to retain a similar feel to the original combat of waiting for your turn in the world of the Remake.

You are also allowed to take back control of your character to perform any action by pushing buttons on the controller while in Classic Mode.

Using characters’ unique abilities

Each character has a unique ability on the triangle button which can change how you play. Cloud’s ability is to swap between two fighting styles, “Operator Mode” which is the standard style and “Punisher Mode” which transforms his attacks from having equal balance of attack and defense to heavy offense at the cost of movement speed. These two modes alter how the standard attack button on square affect your attack combo.


Access Materia

Access Materia replaces Sense from the original. Now giving you the ability to access a wide variety of information about a given target such as resistances and weaknesses as well as other useful information like EXP, AP, dropped items and even stealable items.

Darts at Seventh Heaven

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