Kingdom Hearts III Re:Mind DLC will introduce new features; release date announcement and trailer coming in December

During the Kingdom Hearts Orchestra World of Tres event in Osaka this weekend, series director Tetsuya Nomura made an appearance and shed a bit more light on the upcoming DLC for Kingdom Hearts III.

According to a couple sources on Twitter(mel_lifluous3, kyo0607_KH), Nomura unveiled a couple of new features set to release in Re:Mind and revealed a demo video that showcased said upcoming features. He also hinted that the release date announcement and a brand-new trailer for the DLC would be coming sometime in December, though a specific date was not given.

Below is the list of features that were showcased at the performance, courtesy of twitter users aitaikimochi and mel_lifluous3, and the folks over at KH13 for the translations and descriptions of the gameplay video:

  • Fast Pass Mode: A difficulty setting that will make Kingdom Hearts III very easy, with options that will allow enemies to be defeated after one hit, or grand magic and attractions appearing much more frequently.
  • Black Code mode: A difficulty setting that will make Kingdom Hearts III extremely difficult, with options to restrict players from using healing abilities. Quoted by mel_lifluous3: “The example battle was against Marshmallow in Frozen world. The demo player had to constantly block his swiping attacks and had no way to heal (used a kupo coin though).”
  • Photo Mode: An option that will allow you to choose a location and change the poses and facial expressions of favorite characters and enemies, which includes key villains like Master Xehanort! This mode will also grant players the option to choose props and background effects. According to aitaikimochi, it was shown in the demo that this mode can be used to recreate scenes from past games in Kingdom Hearts III’s graphics, and the example shown was a recreated scene from Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days, where Axel confronts Xion in Twilight Town.
  • Slideshow Mode: Will allow players to create slideshows with the photos they’ve taken.

It was noted that these new features will apparently not be shown during the December trailer, and we will either have to wait for a possible separate video or experience them first hand when the DLC launches.

Sources: KH13, Twitter(aitaikimochi, mel_lifluous3, kyo0607_KH)

Kingdom Hearts III is available now for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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