New Trials of Mana Character Spotlight introduces Kevin and Charlotte

A new character spotlight trailer for the upcoming Trials of Mana remake was released today on the official Square Enix Youtube. It is the second out of three character-focused trailers, with the first trailer for Duran and Angela having been released back in December.

This trailer introduces Kevin, a ferocious beastman and heir to the Ferolia Kingdom’s throne, and Charlotte, a curious young half-elven cleric from the Holy City of Wendel. Their lives take an unexpected turn when they both encounter Goremand, a demonic being and devourer of human souls.

The remaining two heroes, Hawkeye and Riesz, will be featured in a future character spotlight video.

Trials of Mana is scheduled to release April 24, 2020 for PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch and Steam(PC).

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