Carbuncle's head isn't too big in Final Fantasy VII Remake - in fact, it may not be big enough

Recently, the Final Fantasy VII Remake twitter revealed pre-order and special edition gifts which take the form of summon materia. This materia, when socketed into equipment, will let you call forth summoned beasts into battle. Chocobo chick pelts enemies with basic spells and cactuar bombards enemies with its needles in the rudest way.

Carbuncle, on the other hand, is a sweet baby friend. A small canine child, too majestic to be called “puppy.” With a ruby affixed to its cranium, Carby joyfully leaps into the battlefield, putting itself into considerable danger to buff you and your allies. Despite this, fans have only given it their scorn. Why? Well, take a look:

If you overlook Carby’s cute baby chin, luscious locks, and adorable cooing as it descends gracefully to earth, you might notice… big head! Based on this alone, fans have taken to social media with their criticisms, saying that it’s the worst Carbuncle design in the series. Sure, it may not be as adorable as Final Fantasy VIII‘s Carbuncle or Final Fantasy XIV‘s Behemoth, but the worst design? Come on!

The original Final Fantasy VII never had a Carbuncle summon, at which series character designer and off-and-on director Tetsuya Nomura leapt into action, presumably to correct this oversight. One could only imagine his thought process: “what new form should Carbuncle take?”, “is argyle still in vogue after Kingdom Hearts III?”, “how would I make an argyle Carbuncle?”, “Argbuncle!?!?”

Few fans know of Carbuncle’s true potential, that the love and friendship and buffs are stored in the ruby. Therefore, it only makes sense that it is seated within a grand forehead that can serve as it’s rightful throne. Take a moment to gaze at the visage of Carbuncle below, as rendered by a wizened Final Fantasy sage.

Now here’s a friend that’ll have my back. One that’ll buff me so much that I’ll be an impervious eArThLy GoD as I blast through Shinra’s headquarters with fierce environmental justice running through my veins. The question isn’t “is Carbuncle’s head too big,” it’s “am I deserving of such power?”

Final Fantasy VII Remake is out on April 10th for PlayStation 4. You can check out our ongoing coverage here.

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