New Outriders gameplay videos grants a closer look at the Trickster class, First City combat and more

Following the first in a series of monthly Outriders Broadcasts, a bundle of new and in-depth gameplay videos from the livestream were released individually over on the official Outriders Youtube channel. These highlighted segments granted fans a closer look at combat gameplay, Pyromancer powers and Trickster abilities, drop-in co-op, the World Tier system and more.

Outriders Full Gameplay

Starting the video segments off is the Outriders Full Gameplay video, which not only features the Pyromancer class going through parts of First City, but also discusses the lore behind the colony; how it was established and what happened to it when the First Anomaly storm hit. The video also delves into UI customization and the World Tier system, which allows players to customize their overall gameplay experience to suit their different playstyles.

Spotlight Series: The Trickster

Next is the first video in a new Spotlight Series, which offers an in-depth look at specific aspects of Outriders. This month’s spotlight featured one of the three announced playable classes: The Trickster, an assassin-style class that specializes in manipulating time and space to take out foes.

Full Stream

And the final video in the lineup is the full “Built for the Core” broadcast itself, which features all the above content that ends with a short Q&A and a preview of what the next broadcast will cover. You can also find the short individual UI customization and World Tier segments listed on their Youtube Channel.

Additionally, Bartek Kmita, the Creative Director for Outriders at People Can Fly, had a few words to share in regards to the development of the game:

“We are making the game we always wanted to play. The team at PCF are all gamers and we love shooters. Shooters are in our DNA and we have been making them for decades. At the same time, we also love RPG’s. We always wanted to play a deep RPG, with an epic story and the flexibility to create lots of interesting character builds, but we also wanted a skill-based, challenging and intense real-time combat system in our RPG. When the opportunity to create it ourselves came along, it was like a dream come true.”

Outriders is scheduled to release this holiday season for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X, Xbox One and PC (Steam).


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