Kingdom Hearts Melody of Memory announced; Second Phase revealed

With the Xehanort Saga having concluded with Kingdom Hearts III, and with KHIII leaving fans with such a baffling cliffhanger, it was only a matter of time before the second wave of games began gradually appearing to build up the plot to the next major title in the series. And today, Square Enix has delivered.

Following after the mobile game Kingdom Hearts Dark Road, which focuses on the past life of Xehanort, another new title was revealed on the official YouTube channel for Square Enix Japan: Kingdom Hearts Melody of Memory. A brand-new rhythm game that features iconic music from the series, Melody of Memory appears to take place after Kingdom Hearts III, as the trailer hints at this towards the end. The game is set to release worldwide sometime in 2020 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.

Melody of Memory Announcement Trailer

In addition to the announcement of Melody of Memory, Square Enix has also released a musical themed trailer that briefly showcases the Second Phase of Kingdom Hearts titles that will be releasing in the next few years. After Kingdom Hearts III, only two titles fill in the multiple blank spaces that appear for only a few seconds (Dark Road and Melody of Memory), and the trailer also seems to hint at “three new stories” that will apparently feature “six playable characters.”

The trailer then goes on to feature Dark Road, the Kingdom Hearts III soundtrack (Set for a Fall 2020 release), and the Melody of Memory announcement alongside new collectable figurines.

Kingdom Hearts 2020 Trailer

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