Final Fantasy VII Remake's second part is in full development

Final Fantasy VII Remake‘s second installment has entered full development, according to a staff interview published by Famitsu this week.

The magazine spoke with several key members on the development team including director Tetsuya Nomura. Here’s what he had to say when asked about the release timing for the next entry in the project:

“We know that everyone wants the next installment quickly. We would also like to deliver it as soon as possible. Since we were also able to see the line of quality from the first installment, we hope to make the next installment even better in quality that can make for an even better experience. We would like to get it out as soon as possible, so please wait for it. I think we can clearly convey the direction when we officially announce the next installment.”

Producer Yoshinori Kitase notes, “The new story of Final Fantasy VII has only just begun.”

Other bits found in the 15 page spread note that (minor spoilers) the new character Roche was meant to appear at some point in chapter 14 to do battle. According to co-director Motomu Toriyama, this character has a high chance of reappearing in the next installment.

Additionally, parts like the Madam M massage scene weren’t allowed to go any further in order to keep the rating, and AVALANCHE’s hideout wasn’t added to show that Cloud didn’t have a close relationship with them yet.

Final Fantasy VII Remake is currently available for PlayStation 4. You can read our review here.

Source: Ryokutya, 2, translation courtesy of @aitaikimochi.

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