Starlight Celebration seasonal event returns to Final Fantasy XIV on December 14

The Starlight Celebration limited-time seasonal event quest returns to Final Fantasy XIV on December 13th and continues through December 31st. During the event you’ll be able to collect an exclusive Snowman mount and several furnishings, including a Snow-dusted Tree, an Unmelting Ice Partition, and an Unmelting Ice Loft.

In order to participate, you’ll need to be at least Level 15 and unlocked airship travel to each city state. The quest “A Festive Fiasco” is available from Amh Garanjy in Old Gridania, (X:10.2, Y:9.4)

“The chill of winter returns to Eorzea once more, heralding the arrival of the Starlight Celebration. Preparations for this year’s festivities are well underway, or at least, they should be. A young man of abundant wealth and self-assurance─and considerably less abundant Starlight spirit─has been tasked with overseeing the event, and his plans for the season appear to be anything but promising. Amh Garanjy is seeking help from anyone and everyone in the hopes of pulling off a Starlight miracle.”The Lodestone

You can check out previous versions of this event on our YouTube channel, including 2016, 2017, 2018, and 2019.

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