Final Fantasy XIV 5.41 welcomes you back to the Firmament

Once again the Mendicant’s Court hums with the sound of artisan craftwork. Final Fantasy XIV 5.41 dropped today, returning players to Ishgard’s firmament for a new restoration phase. This time you’re tasked with rebuilding the cultural district, and as players gather and craft toward its completion by participating in the restoration effort, new cutscenes and quests will complement its progress. Due to these events involving the Heavensward expansion, you’ll need to advance the main scenario insofar as that expansion.

If you’re new to this endeavor, it’s a great way to bust into the crafting and gathering scene. Raw materials can be collected via excursions to The Diadem, evaluated once back at the Firmament, then crafted into special items to donate to the restoration.

Doing so will earn you Skybuilders scrips and points. The former can be traded for exclusive goodies such as: mounts, minions, emotes, hairstyles, and glamours and the latter is accumulated in a leaderboard where the top 100 performing players in each profession are rewarded with an exclusive title. The ranking season will end January 22nd. The Disciple of Land or Hand profession that accrues the most points will be immortalized in an in-game statue. Depending on the World you’re in, the winning job may be different.

Of course, it isn’t a new round of Ishgard Restoration without a boatload of new tooltips to gawp at. Here’s some of my favorites:

Final Fantasy XIV is now available on Windows PC, PlayStation 4, and Mac. It is compatible with PlayStation 5.

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