Final Fantasy VII Remake details Episode INTERmission's Fort Condor minigame, characters and new summon

Square Enix dropped some new details today on the upcoming Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade – specifically focused on the Episode INTERmission content featuring Yuffie. Set to launch June 10 for PlayStation 5, Intergrade builds upon the original release with updated visuals and performance that take advantage of the new generation hardware.

Here’s a look at what players can expect in the new episode, including a preview of the Fort Condor minigame, characters and a returning summon from the mainline series.


A member of the Tsviets, an elite unit in Shinra’s secret military ground Deepground. He’s the younger brother of Weiss and thinks highly of him. Through experiments, Nero gained the ability to control darkness. Known as ‘Nero the Sable’ by some, he engulfs whatever he pleases in a vast abyss.

Scarlet and the Crimson Mare

As Shinra’s Director of Advanced Weaponry, Scarlet also oversees the materia Wutai has their eye on stealing. When Yuffie and Sonon break into her division, she tests out her Crimson Mare battle armor – developed by her personally. The Crimson Mare is equipped with interchangeable weapons such as sabers and makocannons.

Battle Mechanics

  • Synergized attacks – Even though Sonon can’t be directly controlled in battle, he can be given orders. He works with Yuffie to deal more powerful attacks. If both characters have ATB at the ready, pressing L2 engages their synergy which lets them team up for special attacks to stagger enemies more easily.
  • Synergized Art of War – Batters an enemy with a barrage of blows and all subsequent attacks output increased damage.
  • Synergized Windstorm – Creates a gust of wind that cuts through nearby enemies and launches them towards you.

Limit Breaks

Similar to the original release, character Limit gauges fill as they take damage. Yuffie’s Limit Break is called Bloodbath and unleashes a flurry of blows that deal large damage.

Sonon’s Limit Break is Dance of the Dragon which lets him use his staff to deal out multiple hits dealing incredible damage.

Fort Condor Minigame

A new craze in the Midgar undercity, Fort Condor is a minigame inspired by one of Shinra’s military campaign. It’s a strategy game where two players deploy units to conquer the opponent’s base while defending their own.

By selecting the board, it determines the number of ATB charges and materia available to you. You can also set the units you want to deploy. ATB charges are used to deploy a unit – once deployed it will go toward the enemy base and automatically engage in opponents.

Units are assigned one of three roles: vanguard, ranged and defense and determine what kind of enemies they’ll be effective against. Materia can be used to cast spells and timing matters because each orb can only be used one time per match.

Word is that anyone who can defeat the grandmaster can win some rare materia…

Summon – Ramuh

The Lord of Levin makes his Final Fantasy VII Remake debut, able to aid the heroes while bending lightning to his will. The Voltaic Lance brings down a lance of lightning that deals damage to nearby enemies for a short time. Judgment Bolt is Ramuh’s ultimate attack – he’ll use it just before he leaves the battlefield and conjure a storm of lightning for an area effect.

New Key Visual

Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade is due out on June 10 for PS5. FF7R Episode INTERmission will be available as a separate purchase for those upgrading from the PS4 version for $19.99.

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