Legend of Mana reveals a new look at the remastered adventure

Square Enix is offering a new look at the upcoming Legend of Mana remaster, releasing June 24 for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and PC via Steam. This new version will include a number of upgrades including high resolution visuals, remastered and redrawn backgrounds and an updated user interface.

In Legend of Mana, players will take control of the protagonist, who must go on a journey to find the mystical Mana, encounter multiple stories and characters and fight against a variety of monsters along the way.

The Escad Story Arc follows four childhood friends – Escad, Daena, Matilda and Irwin. The Dragon Killer Arc adds Larc, the dragoon of Drakonis, as he embarks on a mission to slay the Dragons of Knowledge and challenge another dragon by the name of Sierra.

Progressing through the game gives players access to the orchard in the secluded dell which is inhabited by Trent, an ancient tree that grows food items used to feed pets, paint golems and alter equipment.

The remastered Legend of Mana features exclusive equipment – players can forge a one of a kind equipment at the Equipment Smithy. By establishing the instrument workshop, it can be used to make enchanted instruments with potency. Players can also capture eggs and hatch pet monsters with supportive Synchro Effects for use in battle situations. Pets live at the monster corral at the player’s home and can get stronger by playing the Ring Ring Land mini-game. Lastly, the player can collect golems which have been infused with the power of Mana and can sustain players in combat. Take control of their HP, stats and equip them with more than 50 offensive and defensive abilities.

Legend of Mana launches digitally on June 24, those who purchase before July 23 will receive an early bonus including ten avatars and a custom PS4 theme or a wallpaper on PC.

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