Final Fantasy Pixel Remasters of first three entries to release on July 28

Aiming to capture the magic of the original classics with updated graphics and audio, Final Fantasy, II, and III are set to be released on July 28th. The remasters will be available for Steam and various mobile storefronts starting July 28th with mobile platforms seeing a release the day after on July 29th, the first half of the pixel remasters to follow later on in the year.

These remasters feature a multitude of updates including redrawn 2D pixel character and background graphics, featuring classic Final Fantasy character designs redesigned by the original artist, Kazuko Shibuya. Besides the visual upgrades, these remasters include a full rearranged soundtrack with direction from series composer, Nobuo Uematsu. Other updates also include extras such as the bestiary, music player, and image gallery.

A discount is up for the pre-purchase of the first three remasters currently on Steam until August 11th. Additionally, those who pre-order these titles on Steam will gain access to two exclusive wallpapers, a selection of three music tracks, as well as the aforementioned 20% discount on each respective title. While the latter half has not had a definite release date yet, all six titles are available for pre-purchase as well for a further discount which can be found here.

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