Final Fantasy XV collaboration returns in Final Fantasy XIV on September 13

“A Nocturne for Heroes”, a limited-time crossover event with Final Fantasy XV, first debuted in Final Fantasy XIV back in 2019. Starting on September 13th and continuing through October 18th, you’ll be able to play (or re-play) this scenario and pick up some of its exclusive rewards. These includes a four-person Regalia Type-G mount, Noctis’s hairstyle Lucian Locks, and his Lucian Prince outfit which includes body, hand, leg, and feet pieces.

You’ll also be able to collect orchestrion rolls to play select Final Fantasy XV music in your orchestrion. This includes: “Hammerhead“, “Valse di Fantastica“, “Relax and Reflect“, “Veiled in Black“, and “Apocalypsis Noctis“. A Noctis Lucis Caelum Triple Triad card can also be redeemed.

In order to participate, you must be Level 50 and completed the main scenario quest “The Ultimate Weapon“. Then, speak to Kipih Jakkya in Ul’dah’s Steps of Nald. (X: 8.5, Y: 9.7) This will begin the event’s quest chain.

If you elect to replay this event using the Seasonal Replay feature, Square Enix advises:

“If you use the Seasonal Event Replay feature, you will not be able to purchase or exchange quest-related items from the Ironworks hand or recompense officers until all of the above quests have been completed.

Additionally, if you have used the Seasonal Event Replay feature and the event period ends before you have completed the above quests, you will not be able to purchase or exchange items related to those quests, even if you completed them prior to using the replay feature.

Please make sure you give yourself enough time during the event to complete all of the quests if you choose to replay them.”

A Nocturne for Heroes (2019)

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