Final Fantasy XIV's Moogle Treasure Trove returns October 19th

The Moogle Treasure Trove event will return in Final Fantasy XIV on October 19th and will conclude with the release of Patch 6.0 – the Endwalker expansion. As with previous iterations, completing various selected duties will reward you with a special currency called irregular tomestomes of lore that can be exchanged for a variety of rewards.

Each of Eorzea’s three city states is home to an Itinerant Moogle NPC that will serve as the event’s vendor. You can verify in the Duty Finder interface which duties qualify for the event by checking for the moogle icon. Note that irregular tomestones can’t be obtained when using the Undersized Party option.

“In recent years, demand from collectors and historians has led to a surge of adventurers seeking tomestones, those mysterious relics of the Allagan Empire made to record and keep its secrets. Some small number of the artifacts, unique for the peculiar sort of knowledge contained within, have piqued the interest of the eccentric─in particular, itinerant moogles, who come bearing rare goods of their own to exchange for these “irregular” tomestones.” — The Lodestone

Duties & Rewards

Duty TypeDuty NameTomestones Awarded
Lv. 50 DungeonThe Praetorium10
Lv. 50 DungeonCastrum Meridianum7
Lv. 80 DungeonAmaruot5
Lv. 30 PvPThe Borderlands (Secure)5 per win
3 per loss
Lv. 30 PvPSeal Rock (Seize)5 per win
3 per loss
Lv. 30 PvP The Fields of Glory (Shatter)5 per win
3 per loss
Lv. 30 PvPOnsal Hakair (Danshig Nadaam)5 per win
3 per loss
Lv. 30 PvPHidden Gorge5 per win
3 per loss
Lv. 60 DungeonThe Aetherochemical Research Facility4
Lv. 60 DungeonBaelsar’s Wall4
Lv. 70 DungeonAla Mhigo4
Lv. 70 DungeonThe Ghimlyt Dark4
Lv. 50 Alliance RaidThe Labyrinth of the Ancients3
Lv. 50 Alliance RaidSyrcus Tower3
Lv. 50 Alliance RaidThe World of Darkness3
Lv. 50 RaidThe Binding Coil of Bahamut – Turn 13
Lv. 50 RaidThe Binding Coil of Bahamut – Turn 23
Lv. 70 RaidDeltascape V4.02
Lv. 70 RaidSigmascape V4.02
Lv. 70 RaidAlphascape V4.02
Lv. 70 TrialContainment Bay S1T72
Lv. 70 TrialContainment Bay P1T62
Lv. 70 TrialContainment Bay Z1T92
Item TypeItem NameTomestones Required
Body (iLv. 1)Inferno Jacket100
MountAuspicious Kamuy Fife50
MountDark Lanner Whistle50
HairstyleModern Aesthetics
Styled for Hire
Orchestrion RollBattle50
Treasure HuntOstensibly Special Timeworn Map x230
Chocobo BardingAla Mhigan Barding30
MountDrake Horn30
MountLaurel Goobbue Horn30
MountElbst Horn30
MountBomb Palanquin Horn30
MountDirewolf Whistle30
MountXanthos Whistle30
MountEnbarr Whistle30
Gold SaucerMGP Platinum Card
(50,000 MGP)
Housing – TabletopTree Slice Tower30
Housing – Wall-mountedBotanist’s Dried Herbs30
Housing – TableSteppe Kitchen30
Housing – TabletopMarimo Lamp30
Housing – FurnishingFat Cat Sofa30
Head (iLv. 345)Bonewicca Whisperer’s Mask15
Body (iLv. 345)Bonewicca Whisperer’s Jacket15
Hands (iLv. 345)Bonewicca Whisperer’s Gauntlets15
Legs (iLv. 345)Bonewicca Whisperer’s Sarouel15
Feet (iLv. 345)Bonewicca Whisperer’s Greaves15
TravelA Realm Reborn field zone riding maps. (Mor Dhona must clear “The Ultimate Weapon quest)10 each
MinionGriffin Hatchling7
MinionAurelia Polyp7
Triple TriadHrodric Poisontongue Card (must clear “The Mad King’s Trove” quest)7
Triple TriadDiabolos Hollow Card (must clear “Where Shadows Reign” quest)7
Triple TriadShinryu (must clear “Stormblood” quest)7
Orchestrion Roll Flibbertigibbet7
Orchestrion RollPiece of Mind7
Seasonal MiscellanyMagicked Prism (Job Mastery) x101

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