Final Fantasy XIII-2 arrives on Xbox Game Pass December 2

Final Fantasy XIII-2 comes to Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass subscription service for consoles and PC tomorrow. Recently, it and the third game in the series Lightning Returns Final Fantasy XIII and the original NieR were added to the service with FPS Boost, a feature that will allow for up to 60 frames per second gameplay.

Originally released in 2012 for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, the sequel follows Lightning’s younger sister Serah and a mysterious young man named Noel who comes from an apocalyptic future. The pair travel through time to change the past and future in hopes of forestalling oblivion and reuniting with Lightning, who has become champion of the goddess Etro.

The game was announced as part of an initiative to create a family of titles that shared stories and interpretations from a common mythology: Fabula Nova Crystallis. While this originally included Final Fantasy Agito XIII (which became Final Fantasy Type-0) and Final Fantasy Versus XIII (which became Final Fantasy XV), it was largely present in the Final Fantasy XIII sequels while the former titles were spun into their own original tales.

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