Marvel's Avengers will launch Mighty Thor update in late June

As Square Enix and Crystal Dynamics continue their post-launch content rollout for 2020’s Marvel’s Avengers, they’ve revealed that Jane Foster will join the playable cast in the ‘Mighty Thor‘ update scheduled for late June — the next step of a “long-term plan to continue to expand the story and playable content” featured in the game.

Mighty Thor will receive her own Hero Challenge Card replete with characters-specific challenges that build towards collecting in-game items and unlockables. Her abilities will echo Thor’s but several design changes will set her apart. She has a different Intrinsic Abillity “All-Mother’s Blessing,” a new Overcharge Ability “God Tempest,” and her Ultimate ability “All-Weapon” which draws direct inspiration from her comic runs as Thor and Valkyrie. More details will be revealed prior to the update’s arrival.

Following Patch 2.5 “Mighty Thor” the team will be adding to the game’s story with two new challenges as part of “an ambition to advance our narrative through hero and villain-centric content.” M.O.D.O.K’s fate after he’s defeated by a Kree Sentinel will be explored, which will lead the story to AIM’s Cloning Lab, a new “Omega Level Threat” that will require you to be at level cap with powerful gear to complete. These Cloning Labs are intended to be the new endgame content will reward even higher power gear as part of new exotic gear sets.

The team acknowledges it’s been a long time since this content was announced, time that was spent rethinking how they wanted to deploy it — acknowledging the original design “no longer met our standards” and that the new iteration will be a more satisfying and meaningful experience.

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