Mighty Thor update for Marvel's Avengers arrives June 28

Jane Foster, “The Mighty Thor,” is available Tuesday, June 28th in the latest Marvel’s Avengers update. This update expands the roster with another version of Thor Odinson’s kit, but with Jane-specific flair. It also includes a new scenario based around the character, who is pulled through a rift in spacetime from an alternate dimension. There, Odinson has given up his hammer Mjollnir after the events of A-Day, which cause cancer to develop in Jane — yet, she is chosen by Mjollnir and transforms into the Mighty Thor.

Jane’s abilities differ from Odinson’s in that she has a more finesse to her kit. Quick Fire is a new ranged attack combo that allows the Mighty Thor to make a second powerful ranged attack by timing her next throw as she catches Mjollnir on its return. Her ranged power attacks draw inspiration from the comics, such as the Seek and Pin upgrade, which empowers Mjollnir to seek out and pin down enemies without needing to manually aim. Earth’s Finest is her melee combo, and it integrates a hammer toss into her light attack combo for extra reach. Thunder Kick will send nearby enemies flying backwards.

Mighty Thor’s ultimate heroic All Weapon will send Mjollnir around the battlefield striking targets while she attacks with Undrjarn, the All Weapon, which reduces damage taken while attacking. Like other heroics, it can be specialized in several ways, including using Mjollnir as an orbiting defense shield. Additionally, the Mighty Thor marks the third flying hero.

Jane will also have her own takedowns, emotes, and nameplates — as well as a unique hero challenge card to progress through.

You can check out the details in the latest War Table presentation below.

Marvel’s Avengers is now available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Steam, and Stadia.

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