Forspoken shows off the world of Athia and the activities within

The latest Forspoken video digest shows off the myriad features of the game’s world as protagonist Frey travels through it. Exploring the land of Athia will have many points of interest, including special challenges that she can take on to develop her magical prowess and side activities during some downtime.

In previous videos, we got a glimpse of Frey’s magic-infused parkour, which helps her traverse through difficult train easily. We also got a closer look at Frey’s spells in combat, including he schools and varieties of magic she can wield against her foes.

Check out the video and digest below for more.

Forspoken is set to launch for PlayStation 5 and PC on January 23, 2023 with the Forspoken: In Tanta We Trust Story DLC will available sometime in Summer 2023. Pre-ordering the game digitally on PlayStation 5 will get you in-game items including the ‘No Limits Cloak’, ‘Symbol Combo Necklace’, and ‘Trigger Happy Nails’. Pre-ordering the game on PC will get you in-game items including the ‘Elite Cloak’, ‘Spectra Combo Necklace’ and ‘Overclock Nails.

Athia is a sprawling, magical world filled with adventure and discovery. On her quest to save this mystical land from the Tantas, Frey will uncover a variety of interesting detours, formidable challenges, and even a few delightful encounters.

Some Detours are provided by Athia’s locals, who are in desperate need of Frey’s help. While other points of interest can be found via marked locations dotting the vast landscape.

Scattered across Athia are Monuments — sacred stones where the Tantas once stored a fraction of their power. Freeing these landmarks from the corrupting force of the Break will allow Frey to grow stronger.

Certain monuments will present challenges called Flashbacks, that can earn Frey mana or other rewards upon completion. These can be attempted directly from the world map and can be repeated as many times as she needs to fully master them.

Another type of sacred spot to be uncovered are Founts of Blessing, where Frey can awaken her dormant magical abilities and learn new skills.

Frey can also upgrade her magic through Spellcraft Challenges, which are found in ancient books across Athia.

Old Coins are a valuable commodity in Athia. Frey can collect them on her journey and then exchange them at Trading Spots for valuable items.

Beneath the surface of Athia are a myriad of Locked Labyrinths. Exploring these mysterious underground locations can be extremely dangerous, but also rewarding, as they hold powerful equipment in their depths.

Saving Athia is a serious undertaking, and Frey will need a break from time to time. She can play a game with Partha: dice-like objects made from animal bones. Rolling them is said to bring good luck… and can earn Frey a temporary battle boost.

She can also take pictures at Photo Spots and show them to the children back in Cipal. The more pictures she takes, the more features she can unlock in Photo Mode.

Frey will also encounter some furry friends, known as the Tanta’s Familiars. These feline creatures usually roam around special monuments dedicated to them but can pose quite a challenge to befriend.

Conversely, Frey will come across some severely mutated beasts. These large ferocious creatures are as awe-inspiring as they are terrifying, and offer Frey the greatest opportunity to put her skills to the test.

With so much more to uncover and experience in Athia, Frey will quickly learn that this magical land — and its inhabitants — are indeed worth fighting for.

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