Dragon Quest Treasures highlights its online features

In the latest Dragon Quest Treasures blog, we get a look at some of the online features the game sports. Erik and Mia, siblings owing their origin to Dragon Quest XI, lead this adventure into the floating islands of Draconia where they’ll recruit a party of monster friends and hunt down treasure in the overworld and special treasure dungeons.

You’ll be visited by monsters your friends have collected, and you can also hide treasure for them to find. Monsters can also travel between bases to show off treasure you’ve collected, and if other players give it likes, it will increase the item’s value. Vice versa, treasures you give ‘likes’ to will increase their value, and you’ll obtain a replica of the item for your collection.

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Dragon Quest Treasures launches on Nintendo Switch this December 9. Pre-order gifts include in-game items including 5x Chimaera Wings, 15x Better Buddy Bullets, and 15x Fullheal Pellets.

With the release of DRAGON QUEST TREASURES mere days away, it’s time we told you about the game’s online features!

You can connect with other real-world players and interact in a number of ways, from showing off your top treasures to searching for hidden loot.

Treasure hunting is always more fun with friends! Read on, and we’ll tell you how it all works!

Connecting with others via the internet

Once Erik and Mia’s gang has grown sufficiently large, a mechanical diplomat known as AL4N will come and stay at their base. He grants access to the Gang Network, a hub for online features that players can use to interact with other gangs.

Once you’ve connected to the internet, you’ll be able to hide treasure in Draconia, search for loot hidden by others, send your monsters out to show off your best treasures to other gangs, and likewise receive their monsters as guests.

Let’s take a closer look:

AL4N is an old friend of the station master, Mr Euston, and an accomplished diplomat. He comes to the base after hearing about Erik and Mia’s achievements.

When the gang’s rank is high enough, AL4N will grant access to the Gang Network.

The Gang Network lets you check other players’ profiles, and is a hub for fun mini games, such as Treasure Hunts and Treasure Tours.

To access the online features, simply link a Nintendo Account to the Nintendo Switch™ user and speak to AL4N. A subscription to Nintendo Switch Online is not required.

Here are some of the games you can play:

Treasure hunting with friends

Hide your treasure anywhere in Draconia, or download hidden treasure data uploaded by other users… then let the hunt begin!

Treasure can be hidden in a location of your choosing on any of Draconia’s islands. You can save up to three hiding places as favorites. Other players can download your hidden treasure data. The more downloads you get, the more valuable the treasure will become!

Your monsters will inform you when another player’s treasure is hidden nearby. Look out for a blue chest inside a speech bubble. Successfully track down some hidden loot to receive a replica of it! Replicas don’t add to the value of your treasure vault, but they can be sold for money. Rare replicas command a high price!

Sending your monsters to a friend’s base

You can send your monsters off to visit other players’ bases, where they’ll show off one of your treasures. Likewise, you can welcome monsters from other gangs to your base and give likes to the treasures they show you.

Monsters from gangs around the world can come to visit you! If you know a friend’s Gang ID and their secret password, you can invite their monsters to come to your base.

When a visiting monster shows you their treasure, it’s up to you to give it the likes it deserves before the timer runs out.

Liking treasure boosts its value

Your monsters can also visit your friends’ bases. If other players like the treasure your monsters show them, its value will go up!

Visiting monsters will take their treasure with them when they leave, but you’ll receive a replica of it as a memento!

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