Final Fantasy XVI has gone gold

There’s good news this morning out of Square Enix as the team behind Final Fantasy XVI has confirmed the game has gone gold! That means the game is complete and ready to be pressed to disc, for those unaware of what that means. It lines up with producer Naoki Yoshida’s previous promise that there wouldn’t be any delays – the team was very confident.

Not much followed the announcement tweet, but the message there is short and sweet: “From the entire team, including Torgal, we hope you’re looking forward to #FF16‘s launch on June 22nd”.

So there you have it, FFXVI is on track for its June 22 release on PlayStation 5 and the end of the road is in sight. Final Fantasy XVI recently appeared at PAX East where it was front and center during an hour long panel that covered everything from characters, to graphics and various looks at the game world and battle system. For more on all that, check out our coverage here.

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