Hatching-tide seasonal event returns to Final Fantasy XIV on March 27

The Hatching-tide limited-time seasonal event returns to Final Fantasy XIV from March 27th through April 10th. Titled ‘Eggy, Eggy, Stabby Fun!’, a short scenario quest will be available in game. Limited time items from previous years’ iterations of the event can also be purchased from the Online Store at a discount.

Take a look at the event details below, and, while you’re here, check out where to unlock new content in Patch 6.35, which released on March 7, 2023. This patch continues the Deep Dungeon series with Eureka Orthos, adds Lopporit tribal quests, a new Hildibrand chapter, and new stages for the Manderville Weapon enhancement quests and Splendorous crafting/gathering tools.

“The season of eggs and whimsy is upon us, and Jihli Aliapoh is looking for an adventurer just like you to help make her dreams─and maybe even nightmares─a reality this year. Ready to take a stab at Hatching-tide?”

(Artwork: Kodai Okamoto)


Get Along and Play Knife

Location: Speak to Jihli Aliapoh @ Old Gridania [x10.2, y9.4]
Requires: Level 15, travel to Gridania.

“You feel eyes upon you. And they’re not just Jihli Aliapoh’s.”

Start: March 27, 2023 @ 1:00 AM (PDT)
Stop: April 10, 2023 @ 7:59 AM (PDT)


Tonberry gear set:
Tonberry Head [head]
Tonberry Body [body]
Tonberry Hands [hands]
Tonberry Culottes [legs]
Tonberry Boots [feet]

• Frighten

Hippity-hoppity Hatching-tide Advertisement [wall-mounted]
Pa-Paya Demastered [orchestrion roll]









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