Theatrhythm Final Bar Line adds tracks from The World Ends With You series on March 15

Theatrhythm Final Bar Line is shoring up its already impressive track list with even more goodies starting March 15. Joining the lineup are select tracks from The World Ends With You and NEO: The World Ends With You. These tracks include Twister, Calling, Someday, Your Ocean, Breaking Free, and World Is Yours.

With over 385 songs at the base level, Theatrhythm Final Bar Line has a lot to offer not only fans of the Final Fantasy series but for folks interested in NieR, SaGa and now The World Ends With You, there’s a good selection to pick at. For the full list of songs, check out our master list here.

Theatrhythm Final Bar Line is now available for PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch.

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