Final Fantasy XIV previews Patch 6.4 content and features

The fourth major content patch following the Endwalker expansion is set to release later this month, and today, Square Enix updates us with more details about its content and features. Titled The Dark Throne, Patch 6.4 will continue the main scenario quest, conclude the Pandaemonium raid series, and include major updates for Island Sanctuary and Ocean Fishing.

Of course, for the latest live letter information, you can check out our summary here. Note that a new Letter from the Producer live broadcast will air on May 12 and continue looking at content and features in Patch 6.4

Patch 6.4 — Late May 2023

Main Scenario — The Dark Throne
In Shadow Looms the Usurper’s Seat — With a gambit that would cost them their very lives, the archfiends Cagnazzo and Rubicante succeeded in destroying the voidgate hidden within the depths of Alzadaal’s Legacy, thus barring the path to the Thirteenth. Yet where there is a will, there is a way─and so the Warrior of Light and allies continue the search for a new means to reach the void.”

Continuing off from As Gods Revel, Lands Tremble in Patch 6.3, we see Krile and Erenville gathered in Sharlayan, Zero in what may be the expert dungeon, and Y’shtola and Nidhana aside the Thavnairian alchemsts on the moon.

Raid Dungeon — Pandæmonium: Anabaseios
“The serene expanse of the aetherial sea is marred by the sudden appearance of Pandæmonium, which has crossed eons to threaten the source of life itself. Its walls loom unmanned, but you know well what horrors once lay beyond them, and in the silence can hear a stirring…”

This third and final chapter of the raid series, with previous raids released in Patch 6.05 (Asphodelos) and Patch 6.2 (Abyssos). Below we see Themis in Pandæmonium. This raid will also have a Savage difficulty version released one week after the patch.

Expert Dungeon — The Aetherfont
“North of the Sharlayan mainland lies the verdant Isle of Haam, a land long protected by the Forum as an academic asset due to its abundant wells of aether. Yet with plenty often comes peril, and what awaits will not so readily relinquish its claim to the island’s lifeblood…”

The latest expert dungeon will be part of the main scenario quest, like previous patches.

Unreal TrialContainment Bay Z1T9 (Zurvan)
“The faux commander bids you regale him with another tale, and from the ashes of memory does Zurvan, the Demon, rise again. Steeling yourself for a fiery battle, you cast your mind to the cacophonous clash of good and evil, the war eternal…”

A new Unreal Trial featuring Zurvan from The Warring Triad scenario will be swapped out with Sophia. Unreal trials are duties that were featured in earlier expansions of the game but tuned for currently level capped players. By taking on these challenges, you can earn currency that can be exchanged for exclusive rewards.

Additional Duty Support
The Duty Support feature allows you to take in NPC allies as party members should you want to play a duty solo rather than with other players. Dungeons in the A Realm Reborn and Heavensward main scenario quest have been retrofitted for Duty Support, and the latest update adds Stormblood dungeons up through Patch 6.0. Specifically: The Sirensong Sea (Lv. 61), Bardam’s Mettle (Lv. 65), Doma Castle (Lv. 67), Castrum Abania (Lv. 69), and Ala Mhigo (Lv. 70).

Support for 6.x series dungeons is planned to be implemented in Patch 6.5, and at that time the entire main scenario quest will feature dungeons with duty support functionality.

More 6.4 content that will have further information includes a new trial versus Golbez in The Voidcast Dais, a new chapter of the Tataru’s Grand Endeavor scenario, and large updates to Island Sanctuary where you can place outdoor furnishing items, and a new expedition for Ocean Fishing will be added as well.

Patch 6.45 (Est: Summer 2023)

Patch 6.45 will release in between Patch 6.4 and 6.5, and will add Mount Rokkon as a new Variant/Criterion dungeon, an update for Blue Mage including a new level cap and spells, the continuation of the Hildibrand scenario, and further enhancement quests for weapons and tools.

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