Final Fantasy VII Rebirth developer comments continue, promise more information soon

Over the past few days Square Enix has continued with brief developer comments from the staff of Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, which is set to arrive on PlayStation 5 this Winter. While we’re still waiting for the next big information drop, these snippets do provide a bit of insight on the game’s current status and what fans can come to expect when it launches in the coming months.

While the team is currently working to nail down a release date and FFVII Rebirth will have a high degree of freedom through exploration, we learned from scenario writer Kazushige Nojima that there will be a “chain of narrative developments that lie at the very heart of the FFVII story while discovering each character’s destiny.” Those who didn’t play the original Final Fantasy VII Remake need not worry, however, as co-director Motomu Toriyama notes Square Enix has made preparations for fans to fully enjoy Rebirth.

While Rebirth is being propped up as a continuing of Remake, there is always the question of if the battle system will be changed. According to battle director Teruki Endo, “new comrades will join you in battle and you can cooperate with other party members in closer ways than before.” While not specifically stated, it’s likely we’ll see at least the likes of Vincent and Yuffie join the team and the battle systems will expand from their inclusion.

On the topic of music, music supervisor Keiji Kawamori says that “many new tracks have been created for FFVII Rebirth and we will be making some new arrangements of tracks from FFVII Remake as well.” And rounding out the developer comments, creative director Tetsuya Nomura chimes in with the question we’ve all got on our minds – when can we find out more about FFVII Rebirth? Well, according to him, “more information will be revealed soon.” Whether that’s today, or sometime this month remains to be seen. With Final Fantasy XVI out the door in weeks, it’s nearly Rebirth’s time to shine.

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