Final Fantasy XIV 6.48 adjusts PvP actions, kicks off PvP Season 8

Final Fantasy XIV‘s patch 6.48 is live today following a maintenance session in which adjustments to PvP job actions have been implemented. In the latest notes, Square Enix details what’s changed.

PvP Season 7 has concluded and Season 8 will commence. For players who participated in the previous season, you will receive vouchers via the moogle delivery service which can be redeemed at the Quartermaster at the Wolves’ Den Pier (who has been moved to a new location on the map.)

  • For all players using the common action Guard, the team has increased amount of time repeated button presses will activate and deactivate the action. It’s now 2.5 seconds, up from 1 second. This was, as they explained, to prevent the accidental deactivation of the ability.
  • Paladin‘s Blade of Faith potency has been increased to 6,000, up from 4,000. Blade of Truth‘s potency has increased to 7,000, up from 6,000.
  • Gunbreaker‘s Draw and Junction can now be used to target one’s self and party members, though the additional effect Powder Barrel will only be granted when targeting an enmy.
  • Black Mage‘s Soul Resonance will now grant the effect Apocatastasis.
  • White Mage‘s Miracle of Nature has had its recast time increased from 25 to 30 seconds, and Afflatus Purgation‘s cure potency of the regen effect granted by Temperance has been reduced from 4,000 to 3,000.
  • Astrologian‘s Aspected Benefic has had several adjustments. The cure potency of Diurnal Benefic has been increased to 2,000, up from 1,000 and its effect duration has been increased to 15 seconds, up from 12 seconds. Nocturnal Benefic‘s barrier potency has been increased to 5,000, up from 4,000.

In other minor updates to the game, Radz-at-Han’s division into three instances (as an anti-congestion measure) has been removed and an issue has been fixed where players could erroneously take damage if they removed the Looper status effect during the tower mechanic in The Omega Protocol (Ultimate).

The minor update patch follows the implementation of patch 6.45, which saw a new Variant Dungeon Mount Rokkon added, as well as new side stories that involve upgrading high level weapons and tools. Blue Mage also received a new level cap and a new slate of spells obtainable from content in the Shadowbringers expansion, as well as new objectives and rewards.

In recent news, the Moonfire Faire seasonal event is set to kick off on August 10th, from which you can obtain limited time rewards like a tokusatsu-inspired costume. Recently we got a look at patch 6.5 ‘Growing Light‘ and the game’s fifth expansion Dawntrail at Fan Fest in Las Vegas.

Final Fantasy XIV is available on Windows PC, Mac, PlayStation 4|5, and an Xbox Series S|X version has been announced for 2024.

Final Fantasy XIV • Mount Rokkon

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