Final Fantasy XI's September 2023 update adds Crystal Paradise battlefield and Sortie difficulty options

In Final Fantasy XI‘s September update, which is available to download now, players can expect the typical monthly Ambuscade refresh, this time with Mamool Ja and Antlions swapped in and the corresponding Records of Eminence objectives.

The team has also added a new Crystal Paradise battlefield, which will require you to complete the Rhapsodies of Vana’diel storyline, have a level 99 job with the Job Master title, and the Crystal Paradise item in your possession to enter the instance. By speaking with Emporox in Reisenjima, you can exchange 250 potpourri for the Crystal Paradise item, which can then be traded to the Celestial Gate in the Celestial Nexus. Here, select “Crystal Paradise” to gain entry.

Your objective here is to defeat all of the designated enemies with a party of one to six players within a sixty minute time limit. Once that time limit expires, you will be ejected from the arena.

The team has also added the option to select the difficulty level for Lower Sortie bosses when certain conditions are added. If one player in a party has a stage 4 Prime Weapon, a message will appear when accessing the entrance to the Lower Sortie boss area, where you can adjusted the difficulty level. You can select “Forward”, which will not change the boss’s behavior, but the Prime Weapon upgrade material Mesosiderite will not drop. However, if you select “To the deepest dark”, the boss’s behavior will change and there is a possibility that the Prime Weapon upgrade material will drop.

In other news, the September 2023 Login Campaign has begun, awarding points to those who log in between now and October 2nd. The points can be redeemed for a variety of goodies, including the Yagyu Shortblade, which is this month’s featured item.

Final Fantasy XI is now available on PC.

September 2023 Update

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