Final Fantasy XIV Dawntrail reveals Viper job, new locations and FFXI collab

At Final Fantasy XIV‘s Fan Festival in London, UK, we learned new details about the game’s fifth expansion Dawntrail, scheduled to release in Summer 2024.

After the conclusion of the ark that elapsed from Version 1.0 to the Endwalker expansion, the Warrior of Light will journey west across the ocean to the land of Tural.

In this expansion, players will be able to take on two new combat jobs, one of which is a melee DPS called Viper. The other job, a caster damage dealer, will be revealed at a later time.

Additionally, we’ve learned that a new alliance raid will collaborate with Final Fantasy XI in celebration of more than 20 years of operation. On the subject of collaborations, an event collaborating with Final Fantasy XVI was also announced.

You can check out the details and watch the new extended teaser trailer below:

Extended Teaser (English)

Extended Teaser (Japanese)

New Job Details

Viper, a new and original job revealed for Final Fantasy XIV, is a melee DPS catered to players asking for a new dual-wielding job that’s different than Ninja. Their gear will share the same category as Ninja: tuned towards Dexterity. They use dual blades that can be combined into a dual sided weapon held in one hand.

Their fighting style is close-ranged and passed down by Turali hunters, and fight so swiftly that it seems they have a Haste spell cast on them. Vipers alternate between pressuring enemies with swift strikes by their twin blades and dealing mighty blows with the joined weapon. They can call upon the memories of ancient hunters contained in their soul crystal and imbue their body with additional power for a brief time.

The Viper is a job that is designed to be a technically demanding and highly stylish melee job with frequent opportunities to have players execute abilities in between using weaponskills.

To unlock this job you will need to purchase the Dawntrail expansion and have one job at Level 80 to begin the requisite job quest in Ul’dah. There are no required classes involved.

Additionally, the job cap will be raised to 100 for all roles, and new gear will be added.

Furthermore, a new limited job will be added in the latter part of the 7.x patch series.

A Journey of Discovery

The story of the Dawntrail expansion has been expressed as a “summer vacation in the far western land of Tural.” For players that have completed the first part of the Patch 6.5 story, you have gotten a glimpse of the scenario yet to come, but in Part 2 (6.55) you will better learn what is in store for the Warrior of Light and the Scions of the Seventh Dawn.

“As hope’s light dawns once more, a hero looks to new horizons… Winds of opportunity bring a visitor from the far west, seeking the Warrior of Light’s aid in a rite of succession to determine Tural’s next ruler.

Alongside Alphinaud, Alisaie, and Erenville, the Warrior of Light embarks upon a journey across the Indigo Deep. Should rumor be true, the contest may lead them to the fabled gates of a city of gold.

Little do they know that it will also see the Scions divided…”

The Warrior of Light is asked to sail west to assist in a rite of succession. In Tural, not all of the Scions will will take the same viewpoint when it comes to the rite of succession. The theme of the expansion is a journey of discovery, and it will contain a similar amount of content to a single player RPG. Key questions to ask are about the nature of the contest of succession itself, what awaits in the region of Tural, and what is the truth of the city of gold?

New Locations, Tribes, Dungeons

“We expand our horizons from the well-traveled Three Great Continents to beyond the Indigo Deep, where adventures wait beneath western skies.”


The southern region of Tural is called Yok Tural, and it is the city of Tuliyollal that the Warrior of Light and the Scions of the Seventh Dawn will venture to and use as something of a hub. Located on the northern reaches of Yok Tural, Tuliyollal is the seat of the federal nation-state governing Tural. Its leader is a two-headed mamool ja named Gulool Ja Ja. Tuliyollal is a pluralistic city with an established trade route by sea with Old Sharlayan.

In the footage the team showed off, you can see a sprawling tropical city. Sound director Masayoshi Soken says that the music playing not final and NPCs haven’t been added yet.

Yak T’el & Urqopacha

These areas are still under development, and the team has focused on creating natural landscapes. With the help of the first graphical update, the team says you’ll notice these areas feel visually upgraded from previous ones.


Kozama’uka is a tropical region that is found to the south of Tuliyollal. There are myriad rivers and streams that flow down from the crags in the west, creating breathtaking waterfalls.

This dense jungle is home to several peoples including ones reminiscent of the goblins, each maintaining their own culture.

The team says this area feels unique to areas the team has created in the past with special attention to lighting.

Allied Tribes: Moblins

The Moblins are a people risiding in the jungles of Kozama’uka. They strongly resemble the goblins, with whom they share a common ancestry.

Known for their ability to procure an useful material, no matter how rare, and they welcome skilled tradesfolk from other races providing a creative environment and quality materials that said artisans require to thrive.


This arid region is located in central Tural. Vegetation is sparse on the rain-starved plains, and expansive vistas make for a striking contrast with the verdant surroundings of the region’s largest lake.

The discovery of ceruleum deposits in recent years has brought sweeping change to the area, including the construction of a railroad, even as local peoples maintain their cultural traditions.

There is something in the map that is a big secret and the team wanted to make sure you experience it in-game. Here you’ll encounter machines and the people that built them.

New Duties

New Dungeons

New dungeons will be available in the game, and will be compatible with the Duty Support feature, where new characters will join you in addition to returning ones.

Pictured below are what appears to be a river cruise, and sun strewn cave, and mountainside with giant purple crystals extruding from its face.

In artwork shared to aid the 3D modelling team, we also see the interior of a ruin, as well as some highly mechanized areas that seem to be something of a mystery at the moment.

The Eliminator

In addition to the previously-revealed Valigarmanda, a new threat has been revealed: The Eliminator.

Not much is known about this creature, including wither it is made of flesh or machinery.

Echoes of Vana’diel

A new alliance raid series will collaborate with Final Fantasy XI, celebrating the MMO’s 20+ years of operation.

Details about the locations, NPCs, and bosses are still under wraps.

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