Final Fantasy XVI collaboration coming to Final Fantasy XIV

Final Fantasy XIV will soon collaborate with Final Fantasy XVI in a new crossover event revealed at the game’s Fan Festival in London today alongside updates on the Dawntrail expansion.

Featuring the protagonist Clive Rosfield seen in The Bowl of Embers where players fought Ifrit, it appears we will be battling the Final Fantasy XVI version of Ifrit in some form. The event, titled “The Path Infernal”, is designed to not spoil any story beats of the PlayStation 5-exclusive hack and slash, and will feature a variety of rewards including Clive’s outfit and a Torgal mount and minion.

The team wants you to think of the event as an introduction to the world of Final Fantasy XVI and it is developed alongside upcoming DLC.

No date has been revealed for the collaboration at this time.

You can check out the teaser trailer for the collaboration below:

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