Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis next story update "Cloud's Memories" arrives November 19th

Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis is a gacha-style smartphone game that assembles different stories from throughout the Final Fantasy VII universe into a single title. Players can encounter key scenes from the original game, Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII, and Final Fantasy VII The Last Soldier in the current version of the game. New stories include the travails of unit of SOLDIER operatives who fight alongside a young Sephiroth.

Right now, the chapter containing the original Final Fantasy VII‘s story extends through the party’s escape from Midgar. On November 19th, Chapter 4 “Cloud’s Memories” will release, featuring the party’s arrival at Kalm and the subsequent flashback to Cloud’s past, where the precipitating events leading to Sephiroth’s fall into madness transpire. You will need to complete Chapter 3 “Goodbye Midgar” to play the new story content.

In addition to the story update, Ever Crisis will be raising the character level cap to 60, allowing for additional growth options in the Chraracter Stream menu. You will be able to unlock new nodes at Level 57 and 60 respectively.

A new training mission will allow you to Mt. Nibel will be added as a new Criterion and Crisis Dungeon, and a Very Hard difficulty version of the Shinra Building will be added as a Crisis Dungeon.

In related Ever Crisis news, an ongoing Final Fantasy IX collaboration continues through December 7th. You can collect weapons and outfits based on Zidane, Dagger, Vivi, Steiner, and Amarant.

Check out the trailer below:

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