Final Fantasy IX collaboration coming to Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis

Ever Crisis Final Fantasy VII will host a collaboration with Final Fantasy IX starting on November 9th. The first cross-series collaboration for the freemium gacha-style mobile RPG will feature boss challenges in the form of the Black Waltz mages, antagonists from early on in FFIX that confront Zidane and company in the attempt to recapture Princess Garnet.

In the trailer below we get a look at a few battle scenes, where Cloud and Tifa have new outfits based on Zidane and Amarant respectively. The game features character design by Tetsuya Nomura and 2D illustrations by Lisa Fujise.

These weapons and outfits will likely come as part of a new “Draw”, which can be rolled for using blue crystals obtained by playing the game and red crystals which are obtained with real money. Filling out punches on a ticket when a Draw is performed will progress you along a path towards obtaining these items, but it should be noted that previous tickets require a significant amount of play.

Ever Crisis is now available on iOS and Android smartphones; a PC version is currently planned.

Final Fantasy IX Collaboration Trailer

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