Final Fantasy Versus XIII to be at Tokyo Game Show

E3 2010 has come and gone, and as Nomura promised… Final Fantasy Versus XIII wasn’t there in any form. Which is why it’s extremely surprising that we’ve been brought news today by both this week’s Famitsu and Dengeki PlayStation magazines.

The full interview is not yet available, so I will summarize below:

Nomura says the game will be at Tokyo Game Show this year, and that we should expect some announcements regarding it.

The screenshots featured in the magazines are all real time, captured from a PlayStation 3. Some of the environments shown include an endless wilderness, a Shinjuku-like cityscape, and a gas station. Apparently, the clouds in the game will be controlled real-time by a physics engine.

Final Fantasy Versus XIII will be “open field” so the player will be able to travel anywhere except for the mountain areas. Objects within the environment, such as on roads, can be destroyed. Nomura says, “If you try to go all the way to the end, it’s truly far.” You will be able to use a car in game and exit it at any time if you’d rather move on foot.

The battle system is completely seamless. There will be almost no loading except for transition to very large areas; the development team is aiming for a completely seamless experience. The encounter system is apparently a mix of visible enemies and random ones that can surprise you. Nomura promises that people will not believe the high quality of the battles when they see them in action.

With the staff highly motivated, the team is still working to polish the current visuals. Finally, Nomura hints that there will be a big unveiling for Final Fantasy Versus XIII at some point, but neglects to give any sort of time line for that event.

Source: FF-Reunion.

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