Tetsuya Nomura Comments on FINAL FANTASY Versus XIII Development Status

This week’s Famitsu features an interview with FINAL FANTASY Versus XIII and Kingdom Hearts director, Tetsuya Nomura.

While the bulk of the article focuses on KH3D, Nomura did share a small bit of news on Versus XIII.

The other day, Nomura did a walkthrough on the entire world map. He also checked the game’s dungeons and side areas in the towns. He was amazed at how wide and impressive everything was.

FINAL FANTASY Versus XIII uses parts of the Luminous Studio engine (Square-Enix’s next generation development engine), specifically the lighting technology. The game’s lighting has been redone, as Versus aims for photo realism. Luminous is important here because it does well with such things.

He notes that the game uses a game specific engine that’s utilized for action. Luminous Engine has been added to this as well. Nomura says that Luminous itself is a very strong engine that can be used in any game. The engine for FINAL FANTASY Versus XIII has strengths in certain areas, but cannot be used as a general engine.

Of course, with that, Nomura promises a FINAL FANTASY like you’ve never seen before.

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