Weekly Famitsu has an interview with Tetsuya Nomura this week, and as such, he’s managed to comment once again on Versus XIII and FFX HD.

For FFX, he mentioned that the game is being developed by Square Enix’s own 1st Production Department, or rather, the studio that handles FINAL FANTASY.

Regarding Versus, Nomura had a bit more to say. He’s been checking new media to be revealed to the press, and in comparison with last year’s trailer, the expression of the visuals has increased quite a bit. Much like any modern FF, Versus will have a mix of real time and pre-rendered cutscenes. The ratio is said to be 7:3, to which the later being CG FMV created by Visual Works. The team’s ability to express realtime graphics has rapidly increased, although in some cases it couldn’t do, which is why the scene with Noctis and Stella meeting has been switched to a pre-rendered scene. Pre-rendered scenes won’t get in the way of controlling the game itself, however.

As for when we’d next see the title, Nomura says that while an event has not yet been scheduled (they’re still working out details but a reveal will happen this year), the next time we see the game, it will be running on an actual PS3.

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