Shinji Hashimoto leaves Twitter to focus on game development

Producer Shinji Hashimoto has stepped down from his role as resident Square Enix Members Japan Twitter guru.

Those who have followed his @SQEX_MEMBERS_JP account know that Hashimoto typically updated every week day, often commenting about simple things such as the weather. He also took on the task of traveling to and reporting on various events including E3, Japan Expo, Tokyo Game Show, fan events and others.

But now, those times have come to an end.

Hashimoto has passed on the torch to other staff members in favor of concentrating on game development. In case you didn’t know, Hashimoto is one of the main producers on Tetsuya Nomura’s flagship title, Final Fantasy Versus XIII. With the game likely far into development now, it’s only natural that he, along with the rest of the team leave other distractions behind.

Hashimoto’s previous works as producer include the Kingdom Hearts series, Final Fantasy VIII, IX, and Front Mission.

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