Theatrhythm Final Fantasy announced for iOS

Theatrhythm Final Fantasy will be making its way onto iOS devices today.

The former 3DS exclusive rhythm game has already launched on Apple’s download service in New Zealand and other Asian territories, and is expected to go live in North America later this evening.

The initial game is free and comes with two songs and 13 playable characters. The rest must be purchased in application at $.99 per song and $1.99 per extra character. Song bundles for each entry in the series are also being offered up at $2.99.

New characters include Balthier (FFXII), Auron (FFX), Hope (FFXIII), Tifa (FFVII), Rinoa (FFVIII), Ramza (FFT), Celes (FFVI), Garnet (FFIX), and Serah (FFXIII-2). Square Enix has also added some new music such as tracks from Final Fantasy X-2, FF Tactics, Crystal Chronicles, and FFVII Advent Children.

The iOS version features a new Quest Medley mode which allows players to play through their purchased songs in a rhythmical gauntlet. Similar to the Dark Notes in the 3DS version, Quest Medleys contain one Field Music Stage and one Battle Music Stage randomized in both selection and difficulty. Music stages have been somewhat condensed as Event Music Stages can no longer be found in this updated installment.

Each time that you play through a song, your characters will gain experience. Character development comes a lot easier now, as you simply level them up and the abilities gained by doing so are automatically equipped to your characters to be triggered during the music stages. In addition to the three regular scores of differing levels—the Basic, Expert, and Ultimate scores—you’ll gain a further three Illusive Scores for each song: arrangements of the regular scores with similarly varying levels of difficulty. Collect the shards of these Illusive Scores by clearing Quest Medleys and open up new adventures.

Players can also compose their own scores and upload them for others to enjoy. Extensive Twitter connectivity will allow you to share your results wherever you may be.

Theatrhythm Final Fantasy is compatible with the iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPod touch (5th generation), iPad2, new iPad (3rd generation), iPad (4th generation), and iPad mini as well as iOS 4.3 and later. For more information and complete song list, you can access the official site here.

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