Rumor: Versus XIII to release on both PS3 and PS4?

Could Final Fantasy Versus XIII (Or XV, if it’s been renamed) now be a multigeneration Sony title?

According to the people over at FFDream, yes! They posted an article today about the game, saying that they’ve confirmed from several sources that the game will be available on both the PS3 and the upcoming PS4. They’re so confident that their information is accurate that they’ve even said it’s “97% certain”.

Also mentioned in this article were Toriyama and Kitase, who they had an exclusive interview with several days ago (which has yet to be posted on their site, but is coming soon) and apparently asked about Versus. FFDream says that the pair couldn’t answer any of the questions, but they found their confirmation elsewhere. Now admittedly my French isn’t the best, so if someone wants to provide a more accurate translation or just wants to see the source, the article can be found here.

With around a month and a half left until E3, rumors abound and only time will tell!

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