Final Fantasy Versus XIII's story remains intact in Final Fantasy XV

It can’t be stressed enough – although Final Fantasy XV has seen a name and platform change, the original narrative remains the same.

The story itself – said to be quite serious with bits of humor in-between – focuses on recovering the last crystal in the world, which at some point is stolen from main character Noctis’ kingdom. Alongside this somewhat reckless prince is his group of companions – Ignis, Gladiolus, and Prompto – which have accompanied him in media from year’s past is a new face: Cor Leonis.

Cor is a military man who has sword his loyalty to his country and Noctis’ father King Regis. As many have suspected he will be a playable character – his weapon of choice a katana. Unlike Noctis and his companions Cor is a middle-aged man of 42 years. In Japanese culture, 42 is seen as unlucky and it’s thought that men of that age will befall great misfortune.

The unnamed red-headed male is an enemy of Noctis. His hair is red because he’ll be voiced by Keiji Fujiwara in the Japanese version – known more famously for his roles as Reno (FFVII) and Axel (KH), both of which have red hair. The older man with the sharp glare – speculated to be Idola Eldercapt, leader of Niflheim – is also amongst the many antagonists who have yet to be revealed.

But what about female characters? Nomura says that while he did introduce one new girl in the final part of the E3 trailer, he admits the bulk of it was dominated by a male cast. It’s currently unknown if she or Stella will be controllable at any point – Nomura did not comment further.

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