Theatrhythm Final Fantasy Curtain Call announced for 3DS

The latest issue of Jump Magazine has the latest scoop on a new Square Enix title for 3DS ahead of Tokyo Game Show – Theatrhythm Final Fantasy Curtain Call.

Details are slim for now, but the title is a brand new sequel – said to contain over 200 music tracks, more than 60 characters and an all new Versus Battle Mode.

New characters noted in the magazine scans floating around are:

Ace (Final Fantasy Type-0)
Zack Fair (Final Fantasy VII)
Y’shtola (Final Fantasy XIV)
Ramza Beoulve (Final Fantasy Tactics)
Yuna (Final Fantasy X-2)
Benjamin (Final Fantasy Mystic Quest)

Additionally it appears new enemies such as FFVI’s magitek armor will show up at some point as well as music from Final Fantasy XIV and Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII. The game is expected to launch in Japan by Spring 2014.

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