Square Enix seems to be outsourcing some of Final Fantasy XV's development


A new post by a current Square Enix employee out of Japan suggests that Final Fantasy XV development is partially being outsourced. The employee in question – Kaei Sou – works as a Project Manger at the company, and according to his LinkedIn profile, took up that position to head “Technology and Outsourcing focused management for Final Fantasy XV and other 1st Production titles” as of September 2013.

While outsourcing is nothing new in the gaming industry – especially for large-scale projects – it’s interesting to see that Square Enix has possibly shifted over to doing so after so many years in development. Surely the game has advanced into full development by now despite its media silence following this past E3. Specifics remain vague, but we can only assume elements such as art or animation are being handled outside of the company based on other games.


Via: Alex Kraus.


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