Final Fantasy XV's main programmer has left Square Enix

UPDATE: A private source close to Square Enix Japan has confirmed to Nova Crystallis that Kentaro Yasui has indeed left Square Enix, although exact details on when the departure took place were not shared at this time. We will be reaching out to Square Enix for an official comment.

News has surfaced today surrounding an upcoming mobile game helmed by Oriflamme, a new developer headed by Ryuji Ikeda of Dissidia Final Fantasy fame as well as other ex-Square Enix and Capcom staff. The game – titled Chaos Centurions – is an RTS written by Kenichi Iwao (World Concept Planning, Final Fantasy XIV) and Alexander O. Smith, Japanese localization guru.

The full staff list found at the end of the trailer also lists Kentaro Yasui who was the main programmer on titles such as Final Fantasy VII, VIII, Kingdom Hearts and Kingdom Hearts II and has been attached to the Final Fantasy Versus XIII – now Final Fantasy XV project – for years. It is unknown if Yasui is still involved there, but his inclusion at this new company alongside other ex-staff suggests he may have left Square Enix on unspecified notice.

Square Enix has been silent on the status of Final Fantasy XV for well over a year despite promises to be “more open with fans” on the game’s developments. Having skipped out on this year’s E3, it’s currently unknown when the title may surface again, although Producer Shinji Hashimoto claims that new information will be shared when the time is right.

Via: NeoGAF.

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