Final Fantasy XV Jump Festa 2015 trailer is here

Square Enix has released the latest trailer for its upcoming flagship Final Fantasy XV. With a demo planned for release next year, fans have yet another opportunity here to glimpse the game still wrapped in the mysteries of game development.

Focusing once again on Episode Duscae as well as various story bits, fans can see Noctis and friends do battle and visit various locations as well as the return of important components involving the kingdom of Lucis. The trailer concludes with Noctis up against a titan, almost crushed as the title card appears with the message “Now in Development.” Sadly it seems we’ll be waiting a little longer for any sort of release timing here putting a likely 2015 release out of the picture for now.

While we know not when the full game will see its release, those who purchase first print copies of Final Fantasy Type-0 HD will receive a voucher that will grant them access to the downloadable Episode Duscae demo – representing a decent chunk of gameplay, enemies, and visuals. Final Fantasy Type-0 HD will be available on March 17th in North America, March 19th in Japan and Australia and March 20th across Europe.



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