XPEC is just one of many partners contracted to help finish Final Fantasy XV

Square Enix is outsourcing part of Final Fantasy XV’s development to a Taiwanese company called XPEC – who is just one of many companies contracted to help finish the near-decade long project. The collaboration was revealed last night on stage at Taipei Game Show by director Hajime Tabata along with XPEC CEO Xu Jinlong and Chairman Aaron Hsu. Together, the three detailed the firm’s involvement and necessity of such partnerships.

Companies like XPEC are necessary due to the large scale of the Final Fantasy XV project, Tabata explained. XPEC was specifically asked to help develop the game because of their advanced technology.

Jinlong added that his staff are very excited to work on the game – many of them being fans of the series themselves. While he would have liked to show more of their work, unfortunately they could not as they are involved with the production of some content from the second half of the game. XPEC was, however, allowed to show an extended version of the train scene from the Jump Festa trailer. This scene was developed closely with the internal team at Square Enix.

XPEC also jokingly suggested the team add in a cat cam after seeing the dog cam take to the streets of Lestallum to show unfinished locations. They felt a cat version would be more appropriate since cats can travel to a lot of places dogs can’t.

Square Enix’s partnership and promotion of XPEC continues some of the localized publicity the game has had of late. Recently, producer Shinji Hashimoto brought along Wan Hazmer, a Malaysian working as lead game designer for XV’s open environments to Comic Festa in Malaysia. This time, Tabata’s trip to Taiwan has brought with it the news of XPEC’s collaboration, supporting the development of the project as just one of the many outside partners working on the game.

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